Know the Rules and How to Play Casino Online Blackjack Gambling

Gambling in the eyes of the Indonesian people can be said to be very pharmacist and also not taboo anymore for them to know about this. Lots of them have joined the world of gambling, especially those who really like casino gambling. Where casino gambling is a game that offers a wide variety of gambling games.

There are many types of card gambling games that are very popular with the Indonesian people, such as blackjack, sicbo, roulette, baccarat. Indeed, casino gambling games can make entertainment for all of us who love card gambling games.

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Coupled with the convenience that we will get in playing casino gambling nowadays, with the development of today’s gambling games we can easily play online.

Overview of BlackJack casino gambling and get to know the meaning of BlackJack itself

This time I will discuss about the existence of a card game that is often known by people as BlackJack or Two One (twenty one). This game, which originated in the country of France, has recently been very popular among Indonesians played online, especially since the 2000s.

Since the millennial era around 2000, the game of blackjack has begun to be recognized by people through a virtual world that is growing and rife in Indonesia. Since the existence of a virtual world that brought and introduced BlackJack, Indonesians have often played it and used it to make a profit by gambling BlackJack both online.

Rules in online blackjack casino gambling

As you all know, the game of blackjack is to get and look for cards with a value that reaches two to one. If a player gets two and one then that player can be declared the winner, unless the dealer or dealer gets the same points.

Regulals or rules that exist in blackjack are as follows

1. Players who have entered the room or table place bets that will be placed in a circle in the middle of the table
2. The dealer or dealer will distribute two face cards to the player, and also 1 face card and one face to the dealer himself
3. If the player gets the first Ace card and also the second is worth ten (J, Q, K, 10) then the player gets blackjack and is paid 1.5 times the bet, unless the dealer also gets blackjack
4. Players who have not received 21 can continue to add cards until they are close to 21 or even 21
5. If the number of cards added exceeds 21 then the player loses
6. The dealer must add more cards if the total value is less than 16
7. And the dealer can stay if the value is above 16